Top 5 Safest Countries To Live

The Global Peace Index is a term used for determining peacefulness of countries. According to it, if countries have appeared with the red shade, they are less peaceful while countries with deep green shade can be considered more peaceful. So, by looking at the Global Peace Index, you can determine which countries are safer and which are not, across the 7 continents of the world. In this 21st century, many cases of murders, rapes are being heard every day. Terrorists easily arrive in countries like Syria and kill vast people. Even if you have the best type of military and army, still you need to search for countries that provide utmost safety. Below are top 5 safest countries of the world:

1. U.S.A


The United States of America or simply America contains more than 50 states. It got independence in 1783 with the help of the Treaty of Paris. America is among the most friendly nations all around the world. People in America provide help for all types of activities whether they are related to education, health or political issues. Being developed countries, America offers vast job opportunities. Therefore, you can earn huge amounts of money and make your dreams come true. It also has spectacular infrastructure, a stable government, marvelous healthcare and education facilities. When it comes to security,  they have police rotating 24 by 7 hours. In short. U.S.A is a prosperous and safer country.

2. Canada


Canada is the largest country in the North America. Canada has one of the most stable economies in the world. Canada is considered better because their economy doesn’t need to need anything with war. People in Alberta (a state in Canada) don’t need to pay PST (a type of tax). Due to no involvement of nuke, Canada is among the most peaceful places in the world. You cannot find several criminals in Canada. Several fabulous places and tourist centers make Canada a very beautiful country.

3. Australia


This developed country is known for its high human development index. Australia contains a wonderful city called Melbourne which is among the most liveable places in the world. Regarding climate, Australia is a unique country. In the north of Australia, you can enjoy the tropical climate. If you go into the southeast, you can experience subtropical climate. And hot-humid deserts are found in the west of Australia. Because of the strong financial condition, Australia has very high GDP per capita and economic rate. Australia has better foods, better weather, better business opportunities and what not. By living in Australia, you have availed the best education and health care facilities. This country offers complete freedom. Therefore, according to your preference, you can perform your favorite activities and enjoy life. Australia also possesses vast security tools. If you live in Australia, you do not need to worry for militants and terrorists.

4. Norway


If you are looking for a country where you can avail specific peace, Norway is the best option for you. Norway has the very clean environment and lower crime rate. They have facilities for fulfilling most of the aspirations of human beings. Norway also contains one of the best security systems in the world. Moreover, Norway is also considered as one of the happiest countries on the Earth. People with disabilities and other health problems also spend a better quality life in Norway. They have well-hygienic foods. However, products in Norway do have higher prices. For a small cup of black coffee, you need to spend more than 20 bucks. But still, Norway possesses the facilities that are required for living with happiness.

5. Switzerland

Switzerland stamp

Here is another peaceful country in the world. Switzerland is known for its scintillating beauty. Switzerland has various beautiful mountains, rivers and forests. People compare the towns of Switzerland with a fairy tale. Unlike developing countries such as India, Pakistan, Switzerland has no pollution. Instead, they have the best type of weather conditions. Additional beauty is provided by the surrounding places – Italy, France, and Germany. Out of all countries in Europe, Switzerland has the highest beautiful landscapes. And not to forget, Switzerland is a very rich country with very high growth rate and per capita income.

Summing Up

Many countries provide wonderful facilities through which you can spend a happy life. The United States Of America offers vast job and employment opportunities in all its regions. Canada has one of the most stable governments in the world. Because of tropical, subtropical and hot, humid areas, Australia is known to have the unique type of climate. Norway is popular because of the clean and pure environment. Switzerland has several pretty rivers, mountains, forests and is among the most beautiful countries in the world. So, choose the country that suits your requirements and have vast fun and enjoyment.