Opera Mini for PC Free Download (Windows 7/8/xp)

Many people choose to take the hobby of browsing internet. To pursue it, user-friendly, as well as fast browser, is needed. Opera Mini is a web browser that is very fast in 3G and fast in 2G networks. Mobile users often prefer opera mini. Moreover, it is present in many of the operating system like Java, IOs, and Android. It consumes very less time while loading a page.

A proper browser must be taken into concern while surfing on mobile, as there are a lot of browsers. Besides other browsers, Opera Mini is considered as one of the best browsers. Opera Mini has also proved that its speed is more than the other web browsers, and one gets a better experience. Some also claimed that Opera Mini helps them to surf more on fewer data.

Opera Mini

In PC or laptop, Opera Mini is built-in PDF viewer and video support which provides ease to operators. This web browser contains at least 1000 extensions in PC that offer the best experience in browsing. It also compresses the page while the internet connection is slow, to load it fast.
Opera mini is present from many of the operating systems like Java, IOS, Symbian and Android. By seeing at many of pros of this browser especially for mobiles many persons are tending to utilize Opera Mini as the main browser in their windows on PC. This web browser can easily be downloaded to PC for windows in two ways. The first one is to download via Andy Android Emulator.

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Alternatively there is a provision of installing it directly from the official desktop version.

The best part of this web browser constitutes its functions and features. It has a high speed of performing tasks; thus it saves your time too. You don’t need to wait for the loading of a page, as Opera Mini is very fast. Further, it will not bother you regarding cooking saving. This browser works smoothly because of its boost mode that allows you to surf quickly. What makes it best to use is its option of setting up bookmarks and add-ons that eventually optimize its speed.

Steps of downloading Opera Mini for PC

It is a well know thing that one can download Opera Mini in mobiles only, and there is no such provision for installing it on computers. The ones who tend to play games on their computer can now have the access to download this fastest web browser by just performing the steps given in this tutorial.

Followings are the methods to be followed to get Opera Mini to their computer to have a fast speed for web browsing.

Download Andy

Step 1: Firstly download Andy and then install it. Once the installation is over you, need to check that the installed application is available in BIOS setting as per its visualization. Your computer must have installed the video driver of the latest version. The Handy guide will further instruct you on how to continue. In addition to this, there is the facility of a Facebook support group so that you can discuss your doubts easily. Download it right now by clicking here: download


Step 2: Following to this you are required to open Andy and finalize the procedure of sign up. For signing up, you can also give the id of your Google account.

Step 3: Subsequently, open the installed application and after that find Opera Mini. After finding it, install the web browser as per the instructions.

Step 4: Once the installation is complete, you can use the Opera Mini on your computer. This application supports any Windows or Mac computers.


Hope, you enjoyed reading the article and Opera Mini is installed on your Computer now. Keep coming back for more interesting write-ups. Here were the easy steps for Opera Mini for PC Free Download. Hope you have successfully downloaded your favorite browser.  Till then, enjoy Surfing!