How to download the Talking Tom application for your PC (Windows)

The Outfit7 developer has reached great heights of success by developing applications that have formed a strong base in terms of following and popularity. This forms a major reason for this being one of the best and top most developers at the play store by Google.

Today we are going to discuss in detail about the application that is quite popular among the small kids especially, with the name of My Talking Tom. You can download the Talking Tom application for your PC as well. The guide for the same is relatively a lot simpler, and this will be loved and appreciated on the computer as well.


Are you among the one who is tired of giving your mobile phone to your toddler for playing Talking Cat? If yes, then this article provides you an easy solution to this problem that I am sure is faced by many parents around the globe. The game being so immensely popular among the toddlers, that it has been downloaded by the majority of the parents to keep their kids occupied. But, to save your mobile phone, you can always install the game on your PC and let your children enjoy the game for hours. Still confused? Read the article below to know the easy steps to download the highly addictive game on your PC.

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This guide includes all the essentials like the features as well as the learning aspects of the game. Along with these, this guide will also talk about the process of installation of the game on your PC.

tom cat

Features of the game

  • The game provides the experience of the user to have his/her personal pet. The game starts with the adoption of little Tom by the user who is to be fed and then played with and finally made to sleep. This will lead to the growth of Tom in size.
  • The graphics of the game are just splendid. Tom will catch the verbal sounds being spoken nearby and will repeat them in a funny way.
  • Flappy Tom is an included mini-game, and you are going to love it for sure.

Download TOM Cat for PC

  • Firstly, the trusted software for Android emulator should be downloaded. This is available for free on the official website. You can install bluestacks, one of the most trusted and widely used Android emulators.
  • Now, to install the software you need to click the executable (.exe) file and further follow the easy instructions of installation displayed on the screen.
  • After this, you have to mention your Google ID to log in. The automatic setup will happen, and you’ll be interfaced with an Android tablet.


  • Start the play store in the Android tablet and then further type my talking tom application for Android users in the search tool. The download is easy, simple and fast process if your internet is properly connected and working properly.


  • When you lastly click the option of installation, you have reached the end, and the process is fully complete.

Once you are up with the process of installation, you can start playing the game, and I am sure you will love it and will cherish the experience you will draw from it.  In case, you still have any doubts remaining, you can always write to me in the comments below. I would certainly try my level best to remove your doubts. Till then enjoy the Tom Cat on your PC and let your kids enjoy their favorite game without spoiling your smartphone.