Download Subway Surfers for PC Free (Windows 7/8/XP/Mac)

Subway Surfers is a very popular infinite running game and stand firm against its competitive games like Temple Run or Angry Birds. It is a high demanded game launched by Sybo and Killo. This fantastic game includes amazing sound effects and high-quality 3D graphics. Subway Surfers can be downloaded for free on Android from the Google play store. The ones, who are addicted to playing this game over and over again on their IOS and smartphones, had now requested for its PC version. So, this tutorial will guide you in the best possible way to download Subway Surfers on your PC and hence you will be able to enjoy it on your desktop too.

subway surfers

The aim of the player is to run endlessly and score high by grabbing the gold coins on the subway. The more coins you get, the more purchasing power you receive. You will be able to buy new awesome characters from the store. The task of running also includes various hurdles like bumps, trees, and approaching trains on your way. Thus, the game becomes even more thrilling and fascinating. Besides all the obstacles, it also contains various power-ups and booster that encourages you to play this game. So here we start with the steps to Download Subway Surfers for PC Free.
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Following are the different features of Subway Surfers:

1.It has accurate matched sound effects and also allows you to set the volume during the game play.
2. High-quality HD graphics that seem colorful, classic and vibrant.
3. Offers unique boosters and power-ups for fast, easy and high scoring.

4. It provides you various free characters to play with at the beginning.
5. Helping and challenging friends through Facebook.
6. This game gives updates regularly for new options and increases your addiction towards the match.

An Android emulator is advised to get best results and regular updates. I would recommend you to have Andy on your computer. It brings the same experience of an Android in your PC. It is very simple to install, and you can also use your Google account for sign up process. You can download any app from your browser to Andy. With the help of Andy, you can sync your mobile device with the desktop. Your scores will also be safe as it will be saved in the cloud because the game also syncs with your Google account. Andy saves your time as it is very fast and offers hassle-free downloading of games and apps in your PC. You have the right of customizing it. For example, you can copy the files from the desktop and save it on the emulator.

To maintain the high speed, you need to swipe up, down, left and right on the screen. The beginners will learn this game quickly as it is very easy to play. It doesn’t include numerous set of rules and regulations. By enhancing your performance day by day, you will be able to get Gold Surfer award. The game is free to download, but conventionally it is not available for Mas and Windows OS. However, we present you a process for downloading it on your computer for free.

How to download Subway Surfers for laptop or PC?

You can download Subway Surfers on your computer but make sure that your PC includes Windows 7, 8, XP or Mac Operating system. Before downloading the game, your computer must have an Android emulator in it. Following are the necessary steps to go through for having Subway Surfers on PC:

Step 1: Firstly, download Andy and install it on your PC. Your PC must have installed the updated video driver in it, and its BIOS settings must enable virtualization.
Step 2: Subsequently open Andy and then complete the process of sign up. You can also use your Google account for that if you have one.

Step 3: After that go to Google Play and type Subway Surfers in the search bow and starts its installation.
Step 4: When the installation gets over, you will be able to play Subway Surfers on your laptop or computer and enjoy its thrilling features.


Hope you enjoyed reading the article and you are able download the fun game on your PC or laptop. If still you are caught somewhere, mention your difficulty in the comments section below and I shall get back to you with a solution.

Till then, Happy Playing!