Download Fruit Ninja for Pc- Windows 7/8/MAC

Has a habit of chopping or cutting? So here is a game that you will enhance this inbuilt quality of yours. The Fruit Ninja is one such game that includes the chopping activity. The fruits pop up on the screen, and all you need is to swipe you finger as soon as possible on the screen so as to cut them into pieces. There is involvement of thrill and adventure in the game too. Sometimes a bomb pops up within the fruits, and if one accidentally touches the bomb, the game gets over.

Fruit Ninja is a game that provides you with the experience of being a ninja as you need to cut out the fruits into slices that appear on the screen as soon as possible. It seems to be one of the best slicing game for people of all age groups as all people tend to enjoy it. You just need to swipe your finger to, but the fruit but a thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should not touch and ignore the bomb.


Now you must be thinking that owning a smartphone is an essential part in order to play a wonderful game like this. The answer to this is an unexpected no. In case you do not own a smartphone, you need not worry as this can be downloaded on your PC too. To locate for the steps of how to download the game to your PC you just need to scroll a little down. Before the steps for download, there are certain points that discuss the features of the game which will surely help you to learn more about the game.

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Features of Fruit Ninja

  • Endless slicing of fruits
  • Three modes to play the game- the classic, the Zen as well as the arcade. My favorite is the arcade mode because it provides great ways to develop my ways of playing and also helps me to learn new tricks to score more and reach a higher level.
  • Power-ups come up to increase the score and number of sliced fruits.
  • The pomegranate that pops up can be sliced an unlimited number of times in a single go, and a higher score can be achieved. This is one of the best fruits which is enjoyed while cutting as the person scores more.
  • Slicing five fruits at a single time will provide you with a combo.
  • The background effects of the audio as well as of the video are quite commendable. The person is completely engrossed in the game and shows his full interest while playing.

Download Fruit Ninja for Pc- Windows 7/8/MAC


Below are the steps for Download Fruit Ninja for Pc- Windows 7/8/MAC. Just follow them step by step and you shall be easily able to install the game on your desktop or laptop.

Step 1: The first download should be of the Bluestacks emulator. This helps the running of Android applications on the PC. Click here to download right now.

Step 2: After the installation process of the Bluestacks emulator is complete, you need to install the application now.


Step 3: The file of Fruit Ninja app now needs to be downloaded. It can be installed on the application of the blue stacks player.

fruit ninja for pc windows

Step 4: The downloaded file should be placed on the home screen of the Blue stacks application. This will enable the installation of the game on PC.  A normal selection of the apk file of the Fruit Ninja will also help.

Step 5: After the process of installation gets over, it can be started from the home screen of the Bluestacks.


I hope that you found the steps of download easy and simple. You can now enjoy this wonderful game without owning a smartphone by playing the game on your PC. The game will be loved by you, and you will gain a new experience when you play it on your PC.  Share the article with your friends so that they can also enjoy the same experience.